Sports Guards/Mouth Guards

Why should I buy a custom sports guard instead of the store bought type mouth guard?

A Professional sport/mouth guard is custom fit to your teeth, it covers only the upper or lower teeth which results in you not even noticing your guard while playing your favourite sports, unlike the sport bite-in style which is one size fits all.

Do I need both upper and lower sport guards? Should I wear it on the upper or lower arch?

Custom sport guards are used for many reasons. When used for Weight Lifting, Sleeping or Stress related issues you would wear a lower guard, for all impact sports such as Martial arts, Hockey, Lacrosse, Boxing, etc. you would wear an upper guard. With a custom guard you would only use one or the other, both are not necessary at the same time.

For multi-sport enthusiasts which may include some weight lifting situations and/or other sports, you would want to purchase upper and lower arch guards to use when appropriate. We offer a complete package based on your specific needs.

How do I care for my sports guard?

Your custom sports guard belongs in one of two places, in your mouth or in the case provided for it. Clean it with your tooth brush and cold water. No toothpaste or cleanser of any kind.

How often should I replace my custom sport/mouth guard?

Your mouth guard should be replaced yearly. This is to prevent deterioration and bacteria build up.

When should I wear a custom sport guard?

You should wear a custom sport/mouth guard during any stress or possible impact situation. Teeth do not grow back or heal, you have one set to last you a lifetime. So Take Care!

What Colours are available?

The manufacturing of custom sport guards has recently had new developments which allow for elaborate patterns and multi-colours.

What type of guarantee comes with the sport/mouth guard?

We don’t have any false guarantee! We provide a professional high grade product. If it gives you any discomfort or fitting issues we will adjust or replace any of our products within a month from the date of purchase.

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